Kimberly Ovitz‘s classic in the front, modern in the back little black dress has been all over the red carpet lately – and I love it. The rest of her line is a similar mix of contrasting styles, tailored with slouchy, preppy with bohemian, all in sharp neutral colors. Not surprisingly, the Martin dress is sold out at most online retailers despite the $495 price tag but I bet it won’t be long until there are more affordable knockoffs everywhere!


Christian Siriano has had a collection for Payless in the works for awhile now – and the first few pairs are up! The platform sole, punky details, and cone shaped heel are right on trend, and I do love a colored sole. None of the original designs that he debuted have shown up yet however…maybe he had to tone down the designs? Or maybe they were deemed too similar to the Rodarte collection? Either way, I hope the blue and green tapestry pair are available at some point!

I don’t know how I feel about Rachel Zoe. I’m not doubting that her influence on the fashion world is pretty profound, but she’s not my favorite. Maybe it’s the oversized 80’s prom dresses she tends to wear in her ads for Bravo, or the fact that her catchphrase seems a little too close for comfort if she doesn’t eat a sandwich. Still I had to check out her new site, The Zoe Report to see if there are any worthwhile style tips.

The verdict? I have to admit, I was entertained, and picked up a few items to add to my shopping list as well. If, like me and unlike Zoe, you aren’t looking to drop thousands of dollars on couture pieces, she does include a “Parallel Universe” link at the bottom of every article with more afforable versions. A quick summary: I like the idea of white nail polish for fall although it probably wouldn’t flatter my skintone, I do want the Sartorialist book, pyramid stud jewelry ¬†but I prefer earrings, and the highlight for me was this Anthropologie coat – looks so cozy!

You know, I love black and white. And modern design. And luxury townhouses too. But somehow, Tom Ford’s home seems to have carried these themes a little too far. I want to rush in with a bag full of brightly colored pillows, vases with flowers, and an array of citrus fruits for the bowl in the kitchen. Then again, I’m not a highly respected fashion icon, so maybe I’m missing something?

The enormous Fall issue of Lucky showed up on my doorstep this weekend, and not surprisingly ¬†fashion on a budget was a big focus. One of the trends I especially liked was bib necklaces – they can glam up a tunic for night or give your work outfit a new look, from glitzy to bohemian. If you’re interested in any of the pieces of these outfits, visit my profile at Polyvore for the details (almost everything is under $50!).

Peacock Party Outfit

This gorgeous BR necklace was what originally caught my eye in Lucky, but it’s one of the pricier versions at $150. Still, it would make an amazing piece for a night out on the town!

Punky Preppy

Arden B has a slightly punk version with interlocking chains for $28. I think this would be perfect to give a classic outfit like a pencil skirt and button-down or a sheath dress a little edge.

Bohemian Weekend

On the more bohemian side is this pretty coral necklace from Anthropologie for $38. I would wear this with jeans, a boyfriend tee and flats for a comfy weekend outfit.

Party of Opposites

If you’re into shiny things, this necklace from Forever 21 definitely has the bling factor and could dress up an otherwise plain top.

I found this dress on the clearance rack at Target for $4! I love the plum color, pockets, and the exposed zipper in back. It’s definitely an easy piece to throw on and go out to dinner which is where I wore this with a burgundy belt and Michael Kors two tone burgundy pumps that I snagged at last year’s Nordstrom sale. Very simple but mixing ridiculously cheap pieces with more quality items is one of my favorite style tricks.

iPhone 141

I go back and forth about posting outfit pictures on my blog. I usually don’t think to take pictures even if I’ve put thought into what I’m wearing and I’m actually pretty camera shy. But I like getting outfit inspiration from other the other sites on my blogroll so much that I figured one or two posts can’t hurt!

How did I not already know about The Outnet? Shoeperwoman saved my day by posting a pair of shoes from this site. Designed by the same team as Net-A-Porter, this website offers the same high end labels at discount prices. It’s a treasure trove of gorgeous things, but what caught my eye (not surprisingly) was these amazing Giueseppe Zanotti sandals – I’m a sucker for anything tortoiseshell. I also love that they show each item in a fully styled look which was one of my favorite features from Net-A-Porter. I still can’t justify these at $318 but I’ll be keeping an eye on the site for sure.