I don’t know how I feel about Rachel Zoe. I’m not doubting that her influence on the fashion world is pretty profound, but she’s not my favorite. Maybe it’s the oversized 80’s prom dresses she tends to wear in her ads for Bravo, or the fact that her catchphrase seems a little too close for comfort if she doesn’t eat a sandwich. Still I had to check out her new site, The Zoe Report to see if there are any worthwhile style tips.

The verdict? I have to admit, I was entertained, and picked up a few items to add to my shopping list as well. If, like me and unlike Zoe, you aren’t looking to drop thousands of dollars on couture pieces, she does include a “Parallel Universe” link at the bottom of every article with more afforable versions. A quick summary: I like the idea of white nail polish for fall although it probably wouldn’t flatter my skintone, I do want the Sartorialist book, pyramid stud jewelry ┬ábut I prefer earrings, and the highlight for me was this Anthropologie coat – looks so cozy!