I immediately drawn to this movie by the infectious charm of Meryl Streep playing Julia Child in the previews – I don’t think many actresses could have pulled off this part as endearingly as she did. What I wasn’t expecting was the obvious, which Kasmira worded so well on her blog:

“The Julie side of the story explores all those blogging themes you’re familiar with: the ease of blog creation, wondering if anyone is reading, the thrill of the first comment, the puzzlement of family over this ‘blog thing,’ craving the approval of perfect strangers, the struggle to continue posting regularly, and the dream of a book deal.”

Hmm, apparently I live under a rock. This movie isn’t about the predictable plot or the fleeting moments of cheesiness (both of which are present) but the art of good food and good relationships. Both of those elements seem very genuine, and if the smiles and laughs are any indication, most other people in the theatre left with the same warm and fuzzy feeling that I did.

And if you are a blogger or interested in blogging, it definitely is a must see! Duh.