I just got married. And contrary public opinion and the Mass Media Wedding Circus (encompassing everything from Bridezillas to The Knot) I’m not crying in the corner. I’m not suffering from withdrawal or delusions that I am no longer special without this pinnacle life event to plan for. Although I think the video at the end of this post is pretty hilarious.


Make no mistakes – I took full advantage of the wedding process. I’m a planner, I adore fashion and design, I love a good party. In some ways, weddings and I are like David Bowie, spangles, and eyeliner, just a great combination. I loved every minute of planning, and threw myself with abandon into everything wedding, even starting a blog. The day itself came, and it was perfect in a deliciously cliche cheesecake fashion.

But what now? My husband (ok, fine I’m still basking in some newlywed tendencies, and egregious use of the word husband is one of them) let loose a sigh of exasperation and, I hope, endearment when he glanced at my laptop screen during the flight home from the honeymoon. Not one to be left without a task or a million, I was compiling and cross referencing two lists, one for immediate to do’s, the other for personal goals.

“Now that I’m married” I thought, high on the intense motivation and slight panic only a type A person experiences after two weeks of vacation bliss, “I can move on to more important endeavors!” It sounds lofty, and some of those goals definitely fall in that category. I want to write a book. I want to take yoga and cook more meals with local produce, start playing my flute and guitar again and dabble in interior decorating. I want to read books related to my graduate work as avidly as I read GoFugYourself. I want to run a marathon. And I want to do it all now!

Lest I lapse into a Violet Beauregard-esque soliloquoy, let me add that my husband (there I go again!) has a fantastic grounding effect on me. Of course at times I resent his perennial calm and rationality, usually when I’m in some sort of stress related frenzy, but at the end of the day I know we balance each other. So instead of enabling me and constructing a many pronged battle plan for my innumerable tasks he suggested I focus. Pick a few goals, and enjoy the journey.

So here we are. I’m hoping this new blog will be an outlet for me to share a myriad of things I care about, including but not limited to: fashion and shopping, life as a newlywed, books, movies, lame personal stories most likely about our cat, and vintage inspired anything with the odd bit of politics and news sprinkled in. And yeah, some wedding stuff might sneak in there occasionally too. Enjoy!