The enormous Fall issue of Lucky showed up on my doorstep this weekend, and not surprisingly ¬†fashion on a budget was a big focus. One of the trends I especially liked was bib necklaces – they can glam up a tunic for night or give your work outfit a new look, from glitzy to bohemian. If you’re interested in any of the pieces of these outfits, visit my profile at Polyvore for the details (almost everything is under $50!).

Peacock Party Outfit

This gorgeous BR necklace was what originally caught my eye in Lucky, but it’s one of the pricier versions at $150. Still, it would make an amazing piece for a night out on the town!

Punky Preppy

Arden B has a slightly punk version with interlocking chains for $28. I think this would be perfect to give a classic outfit like a pencil skirt and button-down or a sheath dress a little edge.

Bohemian Weekend

On the more bohemian side is this pretty coral necklace from Anthropologie for $38. I would wear this with jeans, a boyfriend tee and flats for a comfy weekend outfit.

Party of Opposites

If you’re into shiny things, this necklace from Forever 21 definitely has the bling factor and could dress up an otherwise plain top.


image from dlisted

No we can’t all get away with dressing like Dita von Teese and yes I know rompers are kind of old news. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love them both anyway. There’s still lots of time left in summer for cookouts and pool parties so it’s not too late to pick one up!

romper board

from left to right: Nordstrom Urban Outfitters Nordstrom Anthropologie Armani Exchange Topshop

I got my new issue of Vogue this weekend and it seemed full of Victorian inspired looks for Fall – lots of delicate patterns, lace, ruffles, and a softer color palette with lots of lavender and mauve. It can be hard to pull off this style without looking dated and overly feminine, not to mention most of looks in Vogue are not what you would call recessionista friendly. Here are a few more budget friendly ideas I put together.


boots belt dress boyfriend blazer locket cable tights

Boyfriend blazers were all over Paris when we were there this Spring, and I definitely think they’re a great piece to pick up for Fall. They go with everything from dresses to jeans and this one adds a casual modern edge to an otherwise very girly look. Plus I’m kind of in love with these dark green boots. The whole outfit costs just over $250.


shoes top skirt cardigan cameo ring

It’s a classic look but the small touches like cut out detailing on the mary janes, cameo ring, and lace and tweed textures are antique without being fussy. This whole outfit costs $194.85 – the tweed pencil skirt is only $29!

I know this trend has been around for awhile, but I finally got around to trying one on while killing time in Target the other day. And I liked it. Especially because I’m easing into the idea of playing with my haristyle now that the wedding is over. Originally, I pledged to get a choppy bob as soon as we got back from the honeymoon but after living with long hair for a few years I’ve grown to love it. So when I went in to see my awesome stylist, we agreed to take baby steps – the first of which was leaving the length but cutting it with a razor and styling it so it has more piece-y texture. So to bring this meandering post back to the point, I think a few feather headbands would be a perfect touch to my revamped hair and fall wardrobe and I’m on the lookout. Who knows, I may even be crafty and attempt to make one myself!

Simple, neutral colors, and cute. You can find this one here for $12.99.

The tulle and button detailing are adorable, and I would buy this just for the name of the Etsy shop – “ubercake.” How cute is that?

Right, so I realize that this one doesn’t have a feather, but it has a zipper detail, is by Marc Jacobs and is 50% off. $48.90 at Nordstrom!

This is obviously a little froufrou for everyday (although I wish it wasn’t) but can you imagine how awesome this would look as part of a flapper costume or on an Offbeat Bride? You can pick this up for $38 at Deanne DiBene.