Kimberly Ovitz‘s classic in the front, modern in the back little black dress has been all over the red carpet lately – and I love it. The rest of her line is a similar mix of contrasting styles, tailored with slouchy, preppy with bohemian, all in sharp neutral colors. Not surprisingly, the Martin dress is sold out at most online retailers despite the $495 price tag but I bet it won’t be long until there are more affordable knockoffs everywhere!


I immediately drawn to this movie by the infectious charm of Meryl Streep playing Julia Child in the previews – I don’t think many actresses could have pulled off this part as endearingly as she did. What I wasn’t expecting was the obvious, which Kasmira worded so well on her blog:

“The Julie side of the story explores all those blogging themes you’re familiar with: the ease of blog creation, wondering if anyone is reading, the thrill of the first comment, the puzzlement of family over this ‘blog thing,’ craving the approval of perfect strangers, the struggle to continue posting regularly, and the dream of a book deal.”

Hmm, apparently I live under a rock. This movie isn’t about the predictable plot or the fleeting moments of cheesiness (both of which are present) but the art of good food and good relationships. Both of those elements seem very genuine, and if the smiles and laughs are any indication, most other people in the theatre left with the same warm and fuzzy feeling that I did.

And if you are a blogger or interested in blogging, it definitely is a must see! Duh.

Eat at Cambod-Ican Kitchen. Ignore the rather shady exterior, the lack of a sign out front, and the odd collection of used furniture and knickknacks that resides right inside the door, although, that’s all part of the charm. Instead focus on the food. Because it’s amazingly good, incredibly cheap, and cooked from scratch while you wait.

BYOB (because you can do that in Pittsburgh) or drink wine out of water glasses while you watch the line of people heading to or coming from the Southside bars run out the door and around the corner. We went here with friends this weekend, and we’re just waiting for it to be featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives! The stir fried rice noodles were delicious and anything with their signature Moon sauce is worth a try.

Other highlights from our Pittsburgh trip were the Carnegie Museums, Mattress Factory, and Hofbrauhaus – the last of which is a replica of a famous German beer hall. It’s gimmicky to the extreme, but I have to say that walking into a massive room filled with people dancing on benches and clinking liter beer steins to a polka band playing Michael Jackson (did I mention it was 8 pm on a weeknight?) is a pretty unique experience. And the sauerkraut was delicious.

I think it’s only fitting that our Pittsburgh weekend was filled with good times and simple, non-pretentious food. And beer too, of course.

image from Carnegie Pulse

Trying to keep up with all the various fashion blogs out there is nearly impossible, but sometimes you find one that you know you instantly want to follow. For me, Sea of Shoes was love at first sight. Jane’s wardrobe is insane – full of couture, vintage and avant garde pieces and as a online style guru she has already designed a capsule shoes collection for Urban Outfitters – and she’s only 17.

While I love the practical and budget savvy side to fashion, sometimes I just want to indulge in the more fantastic and inspiring side.  The clothes, the photography, and the trends on this site are intriguing and provocative. Not all of us can jet set to exclusive Tokyo boutiques or justify niche pieces like a one sleeved asymmetrical blazer, but we can be inspired by it!

Plus who doesn’t love gratuitous shots of shoes, including so many of my current crushes,YSL cage heels, Prada peep toes and so many more.

Watching Vh1 this morning I found myself sucked into Lady Gaga’s Love Game video for many reasons, some of which are:

  • her fabulous Chanel shoes –  I usually don’t love blatant logos but these are gorgeous
  • say what you want but she really can sing, and appears to always do so in concert
  • the thin line between avant garde and obscene that she is constantly dancing on

I have to say, I’m a little enamored of the idea of a pop star who, despite her silly lyrics, has real musical talent, seems to be intelligent, and is unapologetically pulling out the stops to create her own fantasy world. Yes she is completely outlandish, and no I don’t advocate the wearing of leotards and latex in everyday life but that’s the point. She’s interesting, in your face, but backs it up with more than just shock value. So far that is!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Alice in Wonderland, especially the book. So it pretty much just blew my mind when I found out there is a Tim Burton remake in the works. I shouldn’t even bother writing any more, just look at these pictures:

images from perezhilton.com

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen (and rocking the dark eyebrows), and Helena Bonham-Carter as the Red Queen. Wow. If anyone can capture dark whimsy that makes up this story, it’s Tim Burton. So, so excited!!!