I found this dress on the clearance rack at Target for $4! I love the plum color, pockets, and the exposed zipper in back. It’s definitely an easy piece to throw on and go out to dinner which is where I wore this with a burgundy belt and Michael Kors two tone burgundy pumps that I snagged at last year’s Nordstrom sale. Very simple but mixing ridiculously cheap pieces with more quality items is one of my favorite style tricks.

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I go back and forth about posting outfit pictures on my blog. I usually don’t think to take pictures even if I’ve put thought into what I’m wearing and I’m actually pretty camera shy. But I like getting outfit inspiration from other the other sites on my blogroll so much that I figured one or two posts can’t hurt!


Since I’ve maxed out my shoe budget for awhile, I figured maybe I should focus on another equally dangerous but potentially more profitable hobby – decorating/improving our house. Fortunately (or unfortunately really) this involves a lot of free sweat equity, but there are also a few items I’m searching for, including a smallish or mini chaise lounge. Which, when you google this term, gives you a nice variety of pet beds with fringe.


Just to give you an idea of what we’re working with, above is a view of our living/dining room from about 6 months ago. We only moved in about a year ago and I’m slightly picky so the decorating process has been slow. Although there are a few minor changes that have taken place since this photo like the picture is hung up and we’ve added a cool hanging shell lamp from West Elm. There are some pieces in the room I love – both the small tables you see are family heirlooms (one Drew’s great grandfather made, the marble top on the other was used in a family candy making business). However, we also have our dining table in this room, so it makes for a lot of tables and not a lot of comfortable seating. And I would really love a reading chair. Hence, the Great Mini Chaise Lounge Search!


Look, it’s a mini chaise that isn’t for pets! I like the subtle damask print but the antique wood scrollwork, not to mention the $1,600 price tag are a little much for me…

I like the shape of this chaise a lot, but the damask print is not so subtle – and after our wedding I think Drew doesn’t want to look at damask for awhile. Possibly forever.

And of course I had to scope out Ikea for the bargain version. Usually I like Ikea’s products a lot (we have a lot of them in our house) but this is minimalist to the point of blah, and $299 is cheaper than the others but still seems too much for what it is.

The search continues!

I know this trend has been around for awhile, but I finally got around to trying one on while killing time in Target the other day. And I liked it. Especially because I’m easing into the idea of playing with my haristyle now that the wedding is over. Originally, I pledged to get a choppy bob as soon as we got back from the honeymoon but after living with long hair for a few years I’ve grown to love it. So when I went in to see my awesome stylist, we agreed to take baby steps – the first of which was leaving the length but cutting it with a razor and styling it so it has more piece-y texture. So to bring this meandering post back to the point, I think a few feather headbands would be a perfect touch to my revamped hair and fall wardrobe and I’m on the lookout. Who knows, I may even be crafty and attempt to make one myself!

Simple, neutral colors, and cute. You can find this one here for $12.99.

The tulle and button detailing are adorable, and I would buy this just for the name of the Etsy shop – “ubercake.” How cute is that?

Right, so I realize that this one doesn’t have a feather, but it has a zipper detail, is by Marc Jacobs and is 50% off. $48.90 at Nordstrom!

This is obviously a little froufrou for everyday (although I wish it wasn’t) but can you imagine how awesome this would look as part of a flapper costume or on an Offbeat Bride? You can pick this up for $38 at Deanne DiBene.

1) We’re picking up our Anniversary Sale haul at Nordstrom today – I got some great stuff and I’ll have a post up soon!

2) You see (if you squint really hard and use your imagination) the white triangle on my foot? Yes, it’s true, this might be my first flip flop tan ever and I felt compelled to get photgraphic evidence. Sad that it takes two weeks on the Riveria and a Midwestern summer spent largely outdoors to only get this far, but we pale Irish folk have to celebrate what we have!

photo (3)

3) Restaurant Week – The Lost Shepherd had Yuengling (throwback to college days in PA) which made my husband very happy, and an amazing three course menu which made me very happy. I’ve never had Limoncello Scallops before, but they were pretty awesome.

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When it came time to plan our honeymoon, France was an obvious choice – we wanted to travel to another country (because I had only been to Canada before) complete with beaches, amazing food and wine, and lots of museums. Those deciding factors plus the fact that French was my minor in college clinched the deal pretty quickly. Plus, having now been there, I really do think there is something to the whole “Paris is the most romantic city in the world” thing, cliche as it may sound.

Our plan was to spend 9 days in Nice along the Southern coast, then take the train up to Paris for the last four days. In Nice we rented an adorable apartment from Riveria Pebbles which I would definitely recommend. True, your bed isn’t made for you every morning, but having a kitchen and a washing machine let us pretend that we were locals, and the awesome European lifestyle was just life as usual. Plus it’s surprisingly cheap!

Nice was gorgeous and a perfect way to start a honeymoon since it has a much more relaxed Meditteranean vibe. It’s also really centrally located, so we were able to take day trips to Monaco and Eze for one Euro apiece. Probably the most memorable (and most strenuous) thing we did was hiking Nietzche’s Path, a steep path that connects the two parts of Eze – definitely some of the most spectacular views on the trip. It’s definitely worth doing if you’re close enough to make the trip! Also, eat at Bar du Coins. Cheapest and best Italian food I’ve ever eaten, enough said.


In Paris we stayed in a little boutique hotel in Montmartre, which ended up being right next door to Cafe des Deux Moulins which is where a lot of my favorite movie Amelie is filmed. I immediately fell in love with the neighborhood; if you stray out onto the main streets it definitely feels a little touristy but all the back alleys and dimly lit cafes still have a bohemian feel about them and the bars are packed with locals.

I could go on and on about the museums, the architechture, and the art but suffice it to say that it was all fantastic. We were pretty laid back though, and more intent on soaking up the atmosphere than checking things off the to do list. Sitting in a cafe, drinking wine and talking about what you just saw for three hours is almost as fun  than the actual experience itself!

And oh, the shopping. If you’re in Paris, you have to go to Galeries Lafayette, otherwise known as shopping mecca. Besides all the usual range of mid range to couture clothes, they have dozens of cafes and restaurants, a gourmet grocery store, and the most gorgeous decor you’ve even seen. On our trip overall I ended up with a linen Kookai dress, lightweight Mango blazer, Promod belt, San Marina shoes, and a cool lacy tunic from a street vendor (I’m sure I’ll post pictures at some point). Not too shabby right?


We got the first few teasers of our wedding pictures from our incredible photographer today – head over to BridalCheek for a full post!


We were at a local bar with friends last night when we heard the news – confirmed first by everyone pulling out iPhones and Blackberries and then by the immediate switch to his Greatest Hits CD which played on repeat until we left. The media coverage has been pretty overwhelming, so instead of talking about his impact on pop music, how he broke the internet, or my own personal reminisces (MJ virgin until Thriller 3D at Disneyland), or how we should all probably be focusing on Iran intead, I figured I’d look at Etsy. Not only because I dearly love Etsy, but because if you’re looking for some pretty unusual and lightning fast tributes, this is the place to go. Japanese crocheted dolls, art pieces, jewelry for his favorite charities and countless other things have already popped up. Regardless of your opinions, the last 24 hours have been pretty crazy in PopCultureLand.


1953 art piece , amigurumi doll, earrings

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