We were at a local bar with friends last night when we heard the news – confirmed first by everyone pulling out iPhones and Blackberries and then by the immediate switch to his Greatest Hits CD which played on repeat until we left. The media coverage has been pretty overwhelming, so instead of talking about his impact on pop music, how he broke the internet, or my own personal reminisces (MJ virgin until Thriller 3D at Disneyland), or how we should all probably be focusing on Iran intead, I figured I’d look at Etsy. Not only because I dearly love Etsy, but because if you’re looking for some pretty unusual and lightning fast tributes, this is the place to go. Japanese crocheted dolls, art pieces, jewelry for his favorite charities and countless other things have already popped up. Regardless of your opinions, the last 24 hours have been pretty crazy in PopCultureLand.


1953 art piece , amigurumi doll, earrings


Watching Vh1 this morning I found myself sucked into Lady Gaga’s Love Game video for many reasons, some of which are:

  • her fabulous Chanel shoes –  I usually don’t love blatant logos but these are gorgeous
  • say what you want but she really can sing, and appears to always do so in concert
  • the thin line between avant garde and obscene that she is constantly dancing on

I have to say, I’m a little enamored of the idea of a pop star who, despite her silly lyrics, has real musical talent, seems to be intelligent, and is unapologetically pulling out the stops to create her own fantasy world. Yes she is completely outlandish, and no I don’t advocate the wearing of leotards and latex in everyday life but that’s the point. She’s interesting, in your face, but backs it up with more than just shock value. So far that is!