You know, I love black and white. And modern design. And luxury townhouses too. But somehow, Tom Ford’s home seems to have carried these themes a little too far. I want to rush in with a bag full of brightly colored pillows, vases with flowers, and an array of citrus fruits for the bowl in the kitchen. Then again, I’m not a highly respected fashion icon, so maybe I’m missing something?


Since I’ve maxed out my shoe budget for awhile, I figured maybe I should focus on another equally dangerous but potentially more profitable hobby – decorating/improving our house. Fortunately (or unfortunately really) this involves a lot of free sweat equity, but there are also a few items I’m searching for, including a smallish or mini chaise lounge. Which, when you google this term, gives you a nice variety of pet beds with fringe.


Just to give you an idea of what we’re working with, above is a view of our living/dining room from about 6 months ago. We only moved in about a year ago and I’m slightly picky so the decorating process has been slow. Although there are a few minor changes that have taken place since this photo like the picture is hung up and we’ve added a cool hanging shell lamp from West Elm. There are some pieces in the room I love – both the small tables you see are family heirlooms (one Drew’s great grandfather made, the marble top on the other was used in a family candy making business). However, we also have our dining table in this room, so it makes for a lot of tables and not a lot of comfortable seating. And I would really love a reading chair. Hence, the Great Mini Chaise Lounge Search!


Look, it’s a mini chaise that isn’t for pets! I like the subtle damask print but the antique wood scrollwork, not to mention the $1,600 price tag are a little much for me…

I like the shape of this chaise a lot, but the damask print is not so subtle – and after our wedding I think Drew doesn’t want to look at damask for awhile. Possibly forever.

And of course I had to scope out Ikea for the bargain version. Usually I like Ikea’s products a lot (we have a lot of them in our house) but this is minimalist to the point of blah, and $299 is cheaper than the others but still seems too much for what it is.

The search continues!