Eat at Cambod-Ican Kitchen. Ignore the rather shady exterior, the lack of a sign out front, and the odd collection of used furniture and knickknacks that resides right inside the door, although, that’s all part of the charm. Instead focus on the food. Because it’s amazingly good, incredibly cheap, and cooked from scratch while you wait.

BYOB (because you can do that in Pittsburgh) or drink wine out of water glasses while you watch the line of people heading to or coming from the Southside bars run out the door and around the corner. We went here with friends this weekend, and we’re just waiting for it to be featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives! The stir fried rice noodles were delicious and anything with their signature Moon sauce is worth a try.

Other highlights from our Pittsburgh trip were the Carnegie Museums, Mattress Factory, and Hofbrauhaus – the last of which is a replica of a famous German beer hall. It’s gimmicky to the extreme, but I have to say that walking into a massive room filled with people dancing on benches and clinking liter beer steins to a polka band playing Michael Jackson (did I mention it was 8 pm on a weeknight?) is a pretty unique experience. And the sauerkraut was delicious.

I think it’s only fitting that our Pittsburgh weekend was filled with good times and simple, non-pretentious food. And beer too, of course.

image from Carnegie Pulse