I know this trend has been around for awhile, but I finally got around to trying one on while killing time in Target the other day. And I liked it. Especially because I’m easing into the idea of playing with my haristyle now that the wedding is over. Originally, I pledged to get a choppy bob as soon as we got back from the honeymoon but after living with long hair for a few years I’ve grown to love it. So when I went in to see my awesome stylist, we agreed to take baby steps – the first of which was leaving the length but cutting it with a razor and styling it so it has more piece-y texture. So to bring this meandering post back to the point, I think a few feather headbands would be a perfect touch to my revamped hair and fall wardrobe and I’m on the lookout. Who knows, I may even be crafty and attempt to make one myself!

Simple, neutral colors, and cute. You can find this one here for $12.99.

The tulle and button detailing are adorable, and I would buy this just for the name of the Etsy shop – “ubercake.” How cute is that?

Right, so I realize that this one doesn’t have a feather, but it has a zipper detail, is by Marc Jacobs and is 50% off. $48.90 at Nordstrom!

This is obviously a little froufrou for everyday (although I wish it wasn’t) but can you imagine how awesome this would look as part of a flapper costume or on an Offbeat Bride? You can pick this up for $38 at Deanne DiBene.