peep toe shoes

in every color. Particularly green. And they really aren’t too expensive, ranging between $40 and $90 at Amazon (which I might add is an unexpected shoe mecca, weird but true!). But I have a little problem that I should probably just own up to now. This is what one half of my closet looks like:


And this is what the other half looks like:


Yes I know, I really need to get shoe racks. Granted it’s no fantasty collection like Tiffany’s, but I do have a few hidden gems, even my one pair of beloved Louboutins. However, my husband took it upon himself to count my colorful friends when he was cleaning one day. “Do you know that you have FIFTY THREE pairs of shoes?!” he yelled in disbelief down to where I was happily Swiffering. I considered. It sounded about right, and I do feel just a wee bit shameful putting that number up on the internet.* But I obligingly went upstairs and led him through my elaborate internal dialogue of denial and justification. It went a little something like this:

Me: “Well, these three pairs of nearly identical black pumps don’t count because the heels have been ravaged by the cobblestones of German Village and the ice and snow of Ohio winters.”

Drew: with disapproving logic “Why do you still have them then?”

Me: “I couldn’t bear to let them go yet. And these were the first pair of high heels I bought in high school, and it’s just adorable how small they are compared to the minimum amount of heel I wear now to boost me to my natural height.”

So on and so forth. The episode culminated with me actually donating a bag filled with clothes and about 6 pairs of shoes. Have I learned my lesson? I have to admit, all I could think after I had cleaned and reorganized was – look at all the room! Now I can go shopping!

* I would like to add that Drew’s counting method included all running shoes and flip flops which I don’t think should necessarily count.